Expert Tax Consultants

Congratulations…you’ve found the right company to help you solve your IRS tax problems once and for all !
We are a group of seasoned tax expert consultants, including CPA’s, tax attorneys, and enrolled agents,
many of which have held senior positions before retiring from the IRS, and we are now here to help you !!!

We have been solving individual and business tax problems for over 20 years and have helped thousands
of clients resolve their ongoing issues with the IRS.

Whether it’s releasing a bank account levy or wage garnishment, arranging for a reasonable and affordable
payment plan, reviewing accounts and pursuing abatements of penalties and related interest, submitting and
working an offer in compromise, filing delinquent unfiled back tax returns, preventing the sale and seizure of
business assets, assisting with business payroll tax problems and responsible party issues, assistance with
innocent spouse claims, correcting tax returns which were filed on your behalf by the IRS, representation
during an audit of your individual and/or business tax returns, removing federal tax liens from your credit
report, reinstating your not-for-profit company status, or appealing a collection and/or audit decision

Call us at 800-55-SOLVE / 800-557-6583 and ask for me.

I will be glad to provide a free 30 minute consultation and explain to you the options available to you under
current IRS rules and regulations.

You will speak directly to me when you call.

We look forward to helping you !

Harvey I. Bezozi, CPA
Harvey I. Bezozi, CPA, P.C.
Tax Problem Solvers

Please note that until you officially hire us via a signed and dated engagement letter, any preliminary advice given during
your 30 minute free phone consultation cannot be relied-upon. We only assume responsibility for our work with you and
on your behalf once we both agree to via a signed & dated engagement letter delineating the terms of our engagement,
our mutual responsibilities, and the fee arrangement.