Thursday, October 17, 2019

Painting Plaster and Wall Preparaton

Do you need your walls painted, plastered or need other work done at your house?

If you were moving into a home you would undoubtedly find rooms that may need wallpaper removed, cracks to fix, painting needed etc. Or once the walls were preped you may elect to paint the rooms yourself, and save money , OR let us paint if you choose. I have specialized in wall preperation and done so for 35 years. I have owned 4 houses myself and fixed them all up myself. I have worked in North Jersey as a Super, have also worked with Realtors to advise owners of slow moving listings. I am the guy that can get the job done right the first time

Wallpaper and Boarder Removal includes glue removal
Pop Corn Ceilings
Taping of cracks in plaster walls with paper or fiberglass net tape.
Painting and Priming
Rug and staple removal
Light Plumbing
Floor Cleaning and Coating
Most General Home Repairs
Will give Honest and Reasonable Advise to First Time Homeowners.

Val De Appolonio Wall Preparation

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