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Steps to placing an advertisement.

1.) Select payment option for the type of advertising you would like to place.

2.) Once the payment has been processed (usually 10 seconds) our online department will immediately be notified.

3.) Within 10 minutes of confirmation you will be contacted to verify your purchase and obtain your ad information. (Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm)

4.) If you have all of the images and advertising material available, we will add it immediately.

5.) If you need us to create content for your ad we will do so and then post it upon your approval.

To speak to us about advertising options or services other than those listed below, or to inquiry about our $55 dollar a month website AND advertising package call us toll free at 1-800-959-2659


To pay for a banner display and an business listing in one category please click the payment button below:

$25.00 dollars a month

To pay for a front page featured banner or other creative display that will be displayed on the FRONT Page of the New Jersey Pennysaver and your business listing will be posted in the category you select please use this payment option:

$40.00 dollars a month