Earn Free Energy!

About now, you’re asking yourself “What is all this hubbub about free energy? How can you guys stay in business if you’re just giving electricity away?” Well, we figure, if you refer a few friends or family members to us, that you deserve a little reward for it. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

So here’s the deal: when you refer a minimum of 15 paying customers, you’ll receive a credit* on your Ambit Energy bill equal to the average amount of their payments. And that’s not just for one month, either.

That credit applies every month as long as you maintain a minimum of 15 referred customers who pay their bills. If the average of your referred customers’ monthly payments is equal to, or more than, your energy usage for the month, you pay nothing for your energy! Nada!

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Travel Rewards
At Ambit, we love to travel. That’s why we’ve created our Travel Rewards program for you. Just for being a customer, or referring customers, you can land a voucher for free airfare, a Caribbean cruise, or even a golf getaway. There are two ways to earn free travel:

1.First, you can earn Rewards Points each month just by being a customer. For every kWh of electricity you use, you’ll get 1 Rewards Point. For every therm of natural gas you use, 10 Rewards Points will come your way each month. Those points can be redeemed for incredible travel packages, like a cruise to the Bahamas or an all-inclusive Mexican getaway. That’s not just a trip to visit the largest ball of twine. (Our apologies to the folks in Darwin, MN and Cawker City, KS. We couldn’t find cruises to those exotic locales.) About now, you’re thinking that it takes a zillion points to get a free trip. Well, we’ve decided to keep you optimistic and start you off with 2,000 Bonus Rewards Points toward your first travel package.

2.When you start referring customers, the rewards start coming your way. Refer just five customers and we’ll send you on vacation. You’ll get a choice of any package that’s 45,000 points or less like airfare for two or a cruise. It’s that simple. Of course, when you’ve referred 15 customers, that’s when the free energy kicks in.

So, in addition to great savings on your energy bill, you can also enjoy a vacation on us – for being a loyal customer and referring others! To be up front, there may be some fine print on the travel. Some of the vouchers may have restrictions or requirements, but that’s like any travel operator. Anyhow, we’ll keep you posted on those.

Get your free energy and free vacations NOW!

Work from Home Dads

Work from Home Dads

Find out how to earn extra money with proven money making strategies. Details on the most profitable internet business opportunities and home business opportunties available.

We are dedicated to helping those interested in making money with their own business to find the best work from home business opportunity or part time internet business available! Plus we provide free tools, resources and articles to help you succeed.

Work From Home Meetup

We meet each month in NYC and have been helping companies and entrepreneurs start and grow their business online since 2004! Many dads need help, and we got your back. Visit our website and send us an email to get all of the latest information on joining our group. Meetings are free and the potential to make some serious money online is there for anyone that wants it.

(women welcome and encouraged to come as well!, the group is open to all but we are trying to gets the dads out!)

Join other Work from Home Dads and online entrepreneurs at 10Tier.com

Ambit Energy New Jersey

Ambit Energy | NJ Ambit Energy

Energy deregulation is opening the door for people like you and me to earn a great living by being independent energy consultants. No longer is the energy business reserved to big business!

Would you like to make extra money?

If you answered yes to the questions above and will actually WORK for your money then read on. Below I will illustrate how we can help you make residual income and even replace your day job if that is what you are interested in!

I have joined Ambit Energy because they are a great company, and provide a great business opportunity to those that want to work at building up their own business.

Energy Business Opportunity Open in New Jersey

Because it is FREE to switch energy providers, you can feel sure that consumers WILL enroll with you. In addition to it being FREE to switch, the consumer will receive a free vacation gift just for enrolling, the consumer will accumulate reward points that can be redeemed for fabulous vacations and cruises. Most of all, the consumer can EXPECT to pay LESS for energy services, as lower priceing is a main goal of deregulation.

Ambit Energy New Jersey – Meeting Locations

Ambit Energy meetings are taking place each week in NJ and Ambit Energy consultants in New Jersey and those looking to become Ambit Energy consultants in New Jersey can call me to locate a meeting in your area or to join me at an Ambit Energy meeting in New Jersey.

Our Ambit Energy team in NJ is excelling at a tremendous rate, and our team is dedicate to the success of each and every ambit consultant to join us.

Your success is our success and our Ambit Energy team NJ will be a force to reckon with!

Attending a live business briefing is the best way to get the A-Z overview of the business while also getting personal inside feedback from local consultants who are already in the business.

If I can be of help in your evaluation of Ambit Energy please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Connect with me NOW by visiting my Ambit Energy page here:

Ambit Energy New Jersey

ESL learn English (North Jersey)

Learn English pronunciation and grammar!
I’ll help correct your speech and grammar through exercises.

I’m a Filipino American who has lived in the US since 1982.
I can relate to what you’re going through.

Rate: $20/hr.

917 566 4837

Best Medical Billing Class

Best Medical Billing ClassOne Day Medical Billing Class-$220.00 Medical Billing can be taught in 1 day, by cutting out information that is not needed and focusing on teaching only the actual job of a Medical Biller you will save time and money.

There are no other costs for the class and you are given a manual you can take home with you. The details of the class added to your resume along with the knowledge I give you will make you an excellent candidate for a Medical Billing position.

The knowledge you will get will also have you highly qualified for a Medical Receptionist position if that is your interest.

For registration form call 845-242-2351 or visit www.professionalbilling.co

GuitarWorks of North Jersey

GuitarWorks of North Jersey-guitar repair and set-up. We can make your guitar play and sound better. Reasonalbe pricing. Neck ajustments, fret dressing, restringing and electronics. Contact via email or call Bob 201-317-7580 for free estimate for services. Guitar lessons also available.


Piano Lessons-Guitar Lessons-Voice-Violin

Kathryn Brickell Music offers affordable music lessons on all instruments in the privacy and comfort of your home.
Our teachers are carefully selected, experienced, patient and friendly. We custom match our teachers to our students.
Our programs are tailored to the individual student. We make learning fun by integrating familiar music into each student’s
program so the student will be motivated to learn.
We have special programs for ages 3-5 years old. We have recitals and we prepare for NYSSMA.
We are a family owned and operated company serving the entire NY Metro area and Long Island since 1971.
Visit us on the web at www.music-instruction.com to browse and register online or call 800-285-5732.

Private Chinese Tutor Is Here To Help You

Are you a beginner looking for a right instruction to start your excited Chinese lesson? Or do you want to refresh your Chinese language skills with a experienced teacher? I am here to help you and answer your questions. I will help you to speak like a native. How can I do? You will find out when you take my first lesson.

I offer a free consultation, in-person, and online lessons via Skype. If you are interested, please give me a ring. I have taught more than 5 years in US. My students are professionals and students with all ages from every where in the world.

My rate:
$20/hr, for one-on-one tutoring lesson.
$10 around will be added if I travel to your place (this fee is based the commuting distance, so it could be less than $10).
First on-line lesson is free, and First three online lessons are just $39.99 for you

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

NJ Energy Deregulation

New Jersey Energy Brokers wanted for current expansion in all of New Jersey. Let me tell you how to become an Energy Broker.

We are looking for motivated and serious entrepreneurs who want to earn top sales
commission plus residual income. If you are looking to make a large income with flexible hours and work from virtually anywhere, you landed on the right place.

As an Energy Broker, you would be doing the following:

• Attend our training sessions
• Work full time or part time
• Help residents and businesses save money on their utility bills
• Make your own work schedule
• Grow your business by creating your own sales force


• Very generous commission + monthly residual income + override
• Set your own income goals – No limit on compensation


Be motivated and want to make a serious income!

Get more detailed info on compensation, and detailed information about this NJ Energy Broker Opportunity by calling:

Jersey Tractor Trailer Training School

Jersey Tractor Trailer Training School is the most successful commercial motor vehicle driving school in the State. We measure our success not in dollars, but rather by the number of our students that pass the CMV road test on their first attempt. That number is 94 %, a number that cannot be matched by any competitor. Secondly, we measure our success by the number of graduates we put to work in good paying jobs. That number is 76 %, also a number that cannot be matched by any other school.

Call Mike at 201-460-0875 to schedule an interview. IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK. You may also e-mail Jerry at jerry@jerseytractorcdl.com.

Location: 201 Route 17 North, Rutherford, NJ