Saturday, September 21, 2019

5150 Custom Auto is open for business! I have over ten years experience and I want to bring that service to you at a low, low cost. I will be offering the following services at my location or yours:

Auto/Truck Detailing: From a simple hand wash to a high end detail, I have an option to fit your needs and your budget.

Hand Wash $20
Vehicle is washed and dried, wheels cleaned, and protectant applied to tires.

Wash, Quick Wax, and Vacuum $35
Vehicle is washed, spray wax is applied, and vehicle is dried. Interior carpets and upholstery is vacuumed free of dirt and debris. Wheels are cleaned and protectant is applied to tires.

Wash, Standard Wax, and Vacuum $60
Vehicle is washed and dried, wheels are cleaned and protectant is applied to tires. Interior is vacuumed free and clear of dirt and debris. *two stage wax* Vehicle is compounded as needed to remove swirl marks, hazing, and other surface problems. Then a finish wax is applied and the surface is buffed to a high gloss shine. All exterior plastics are treated.

Interior Detail $60
Don’t need a wax, but your interior could use some freshening up? No problem. After giving your vehicle a quick wash, I will go one step further and detail the interior. The carpets and upholstery are vacuumed, all stains are treated, and the carpets and any fabrics are deodorized. Leather surfaces are cleaned and treated. Plastics are cleaned and a protectant is applied. glass is polished inside and out.

Standard Full-Detail $110
This is a combination of the standard wax and interior detail. Vehicle is hand washed, dried, wheels cleaned and tire protected, and the two stage wax is applied. Interior is vacuumed, stains treated and fabrics deodorized, leather surfaces cleaned and treated, and plastic surfaces are cleaned and protected. Glass is polished inside and out.

The 5150 Special Detail $150
Vehicle is washed and dried, wheels are cleaned and polished, protectant is applied to the tires. Interior is vacuumed, stains are treated, fabrics deodorized, leathers are cleaned and treated, plastics are cleaned and protectant is applied. Glass is polished inside and out. Engine compartment detailed. Wheel wells are cleaned and undercoating is applied. *FOUR STAGE WAX* using Mothers Ultimate Wax System. Paint surface is cleaned with the clay bar system. A precleaner wax is applied, followed by a sealer/glaze, and finally a top coat wax. The surface is buffed to a showroom shine with a microfiber bonnet. All exterior plastics are wiped down with a trim protectant.

These services are available as listed, but can be customized to meet your specific needs.

*Audio installations are priced based on your specific request* I will install head units, replacement speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, remote start systems, etc. I do not stock parts other than basic wiring, so I will work with you during the appointment process to determine any additional parts needed for the install. From there, we can determine whether you will provide them or if I will have to get them and add the parts cost to the install fees.

I also install other aftermarket parts. Lowering kits, lifts, lights, etc. Anything from bolt on to products requiring modification of stock parts. let me know what you have and I will tell you if I can install it.

Lastly, I am capable of performing minor service repairs. Prices do not include the cost of parts.

Brake Pads $50 + the cost of pads

Brake Rotors $25ea**

Shocks and Struts from $50/pair***

Belts replaced for $10

Fluid Changes
Oil Change: $10 + Fluid and Filter
Differential Fluid Change: $20 + Fluid

All services are by appointment only. Please call or email to set up an appointment. Thank You.
Robert 609-675-6732